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Somewhere Pennsylvania

2006-04-09 12:36:00

Somewhere Pennsylvania
Saturday April 9, 2006, 6:54 AM

I am not sure the time is correct, and now I realize I do not know the name of the city. I left the Ohio Turnpike and I believe entered Pennsylvania, however I just cleared the state line and looked for a place.

I guess I stopped in Hubbard, Ohio and looked for a room, there were two hotels or motels easy to stop at, however the Best Western appearing very nice was 79 dollars the Travel Motel made for truckers was 48, I thought the Best Western was nice, however sleeping is not worth often 80 dollars to me. I would rather spend my money on something more permanent. Both ask me if I had an ADL license, I am not sure what they said, however they wanted to know if I had a license to drive a semi truck. I am not sure of the discount, however it appears there are discounts offered for Truckers.

I am not sure I really would consider living with truckers as bonus, or worthy of making me stay.

I went on down the road, crossed into Pennsylvania and stopped at some exit with many Hotels; I found this no presences place called the Star Lite Motel. The woman was from Mexico and I had fun talking in Spanish and asking her questions.

She asked 39, and then dropped it to 35 when I asked about HBO Movie Channel.

The room is cavernous big enough for 4 persons, I was wondering what the price is for 2 or 3 people. The room is normal for the USA, two beds, air conditioner and heater on the wall, and Television between the beds tied to the wall.

Many people talk about features of Hotels or Motels, however I realize many times, the housekeeper or decorator is not my concern. I wish the hotels of the planet would focus on full time maintenance people. There is always a punch out list of 5-10 things in a room that are in disrepair and need fixed.

Many times the labor is so cheap in a room in Thailand or South America that all the maintenance is done, However normally all rooms have 5-10 problems that need a maintenance worker.

I am trying to think, have I ever been in a room where they had a form or way for me to report problems of maintenance or to suggest at the end of my stay.

- This needs fixed.-
- This needs repaired. -

It to me is the ever present - I am perfect - mentality of the world.

This is heard and seen when a person says,
- Do not worry, I will not forget. -

The person than just goes on working, they do not write it down, make a checklist or have any system or checks and balances to make sure the jobs is performed. In the end, the best hotel or motel is always the one with the friendly girl behind the desk, not a man, and with a full time very good maintenance person that can fix anything. I have a bad feeling here, I can think of almost zero hotels with a maintenance person, or man I had met and known. I know MOST hotels where I knew that if there was a problem in the room, I had better be able to fix it myself.

This is my normal tack, I fix problems myself, I am my own maintenance man. After being in Caribbean and paying between 40-60 U.S. dollars per night for a room for a couple of months, I can guarantee the quality of a 10 dollar room in Asia or Central and South America is the same as one for 50 in the Caribbean. The Motel I am in presently was built as a Motel, this type of room is always designed better and more spacious, usually has a telephone and a TV.

I will leave as soon as I get a shower, go as close as possible to New York City and not enter, hopefully find a Mom and Pop hotel, owned by Native Born Americans. I am in the USA to visit the USA, not to visit other countries.