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Secret Cell Phone Rules

2006-04-29 03:47:00

Secret Cell Phone Rules

I am sure, quite sure, in fact, I am positive; there are rules on how to handle or ride a cell phone. I am sure, quite sure, in fact, I am positive, everyone knows them but me. The Philippines has a distinct cell phone culture, it is rumored and bragged to me, that the Philippines is the text message capital of the world. There are more text message sent here than anywhere on the planet.

Now, I have this play toy, it is a cell phone, I thought I was buying a great methodology for receiving some sort of get rich money making scheme offers by advertisers on my web site. I find most of the time; the world is not smart enough to call another country. Therefore, I am forgetting and forgiving them; I will call them on and track them down. Not a good way to play coy, however I do not really want to talk with them anyway.

The rules.

What are the rules?

Some girl just called me and hung up� it must be a signal, I think it means.
- I have no money, you call me -
Someone called it a dropped call, I call it a hang up, or test, are your there, is your cell phone working, why have you not called me. There is some evil monster queen out there of the cell phones who wants my number and if I give them my number, they proceed to play.

I received a text this morning at 6:00 am; I was awake in the internet caf�. They were the lyrics to a song from Cecile. I did not reply, then another came, then another, finally in the afternoon I text back,
- Hello, where are you -

I figured it out, it was the 20-year-old maid in the house in Cebu, but what is up with the text, and she is flirting with me.

I know, it has to be a rule, text messages are flirtatious because they are not real, people are not real. I do not know, I had another girl who wanted a job with my friend Chris and she started talking crap on the text. It is as if the pushing of the button is connected to a vibration, it runs there mind to a frenzy.

Dropped call, I will ignore, I have no dysfunctional hooks or insatiable curiosity to find out what is in the mind of a person with a cell phone weapon in their hand. I know they are not thinking, it is just a barking dog. I will not bark back or enter the fray.

Cell Phone Culture

I have been playing, nosing around, why do they do this, why would you make an insane clatter on someone else�s cell phone to say nothing.

I would say,
- Meet me here -

I have given up, I just call them back, but there is a rule.
- Do not call -
It cost you 50 cents USA and that is too much money.

Rules, I will figure them out, however I know I am saved, I will leave the Philippines in 10 days and the text message will stop, because even though the cell phone company advertises international roaming. I know this,
- It is only for the top five places that Philippine people roam -

They export girls to Singapore and Macao and Hong Kong to work, sometimes at night and sometimes as a maid, sometimes I wish my mother did not read this�

What they export is not for prime time or general audiences. They exports nurses to the world, I do not know how they get out of in the countries, I just know they export nurses.

Truthfully, I know, or I have learned.
- IF you want to like a country, do not to learn too much. -

The more you learn about a country, the more you will not respect them; you really do not want to know. It will become impossible for me to overlook the big and small things of the country if I understand.

I just want to appreciate what I imagine, not what is real.

I had a great experience in Indiana culture today. When a person in Indiana says hello to me, I have this overwhelming compulsion to answer. I do not ignore, if they are respectful, I say,
- Hello, how are you, I am fine, etc -

I went to Robinson mall today; I was the first person to enter the Supermarket to buy some instant coffee before I need to make a midnight run.

When I enter,
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -

I guess I needed to answer a minimum of 40 times. I wish I were exaggerating; however, I was the only foreigner in the store. They have one target. Me, they all must have taking - Hello Sir - lessons. It was an amazing gauntlet. I wanted to stop and say, leave me alone, or how do I say hello back one time to all of you.

Every aisle has another Hello Sir.

In a country that is full of street scammers, I have to admit, they have some really good-natured persons, which love to say Hello Sir. It is ying and yang world. Who could comment, they was just too funny.

I found the Nescafe, ran for the counter, made a few joke with the girl at the checkout, explained in English how everyone is saying Hello Sir to me, and what does she do, she says,
- Hello Sir -

I think it is the Philippines version of the Stepford Wives.

RULES, there rules, I am sure, I am positive, I know for sure, they all know them and I do not. I am becoming a geek or nerd. I need to lose 20 years of age, I need to be younger. I try my best to date younger girls, this is not working.

Cell Phones, the secret rules, and the hidden tax of the Philippines.

Secret Cell Phone Rules