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Open but Not Open Wifi Connections on Ohio Toll Road

2006-04-09 12:42:00

Open but Not Open Wifi Connections on Ohio Toll Road

I stopped at a service plaza, I am not sure what you call these places. I stopped to buy a Hamburger at Burger King while on the Ohio Turnpike or Toll Road. It is a captive audience, pay to play, eat and buy more expensive than normal place.

I have this New Canary Wireless WIFI sniffer.

It says... a good 4 bar signal, and open on Channel 11.

I think, ok, enough testing, time to really test.

I go to my rental car, pull out my brains, hit the on switch. It will not work in the car. I go back inside, NOTE, there is this SBC sign, I do not know the company, I think the same one that wanted me to sign a contract to purchase my FREE Atom or RSS feeds. It was a long contract, full of too much, and I could not figure out why I was selling something that was FREE.

Probably the same as the sign, SMALL PRINT.

This is OPEN, however if you use your Credit Card. So I strike out, now I need, open, however free, no pay signals.


What is wrong with saying, yes or no, I do not have to pay or I have to pay. I now have a bad taste or a worst taste in my mouth over the SBC, now on the other hand I keep trying to learn or think why does't Mcdonald sell a Charcoal Grilled Hamburger like Burger King.