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New York Center of the Modern World

2006-04-02 05:30:00

New York Center of the Modern World
Sunday April 2, 2006, 5:29 AM

I am sitting on the floor in JFK John F Kennedy Airport, ready to leave on the AirTrain to a hub for rental cars as soon as it turns 6:00 AM. Studying the maps on the wall, I realized,
- I am the center of the world -

I could say bad things about New York City, I could say good things, it just does not matter this is the center of the modern world, dragged unwilling from the French or English, all according to your perspective of history. There are epicenters of culture, time, space, places where it starts or ends. New York City is the place where people come to be broken or to break. I am sure if as Frank Sinatra said,
- If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere -

It is big chopping block of confused chaos, culture and the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I imagine if you want to find it, it possible to find it here.

Springsteen Singing, Simon and Garfunkel saying or talking a boxer, beaten, tired and ready to give up�.

Feeling are everywhere when I looked at the map, memories of a movie, song, a story, and then to think. The world best business people the Dutch sold it cheap. It the reference I can use to measure up all other cities on the planet.

I am on Recon; my mission is to just tickle this city today with a wise friend�s critical assessment and introduction. I was invited by a reader to come and he would show me around. I will drive a car� (aaagh, I drive about 10 times a year) to Manhattan, as best I can tell he live across from Central Park, close to 72 Street. Who can say�?

I just smiled at some New York girl, she gave me,
- Why are you looking look..-
I gave her,
- I look, and I just do not care�-

Ok, I am in New York the center of Modern Culture and maybe Business on the planet, a self-sustainable place that scares the planet. It is very USA, not a little; this is part of the USA from the beginning to the end.

My only major desire to today is to meet my friend, take the subway to the hole that was the Worlds Trade Center and take some photos. Find the plot, understand the outline, discuss the players with a good teacher, plot, and plan the battle to do New York. Somewhere in the future I will find a way to stay a week to a month in New York City, hiding in some room, exploring the place. Trying to not lose my compass.

New York Center of the Modern World