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My Travel Writer Game

2006-04-13 23:38:00

My Travel Writer Game

I have this game I play.

There is often or most of the time a line to fill in on the form to check into a hotel or hostel.

It ask:
What is your profession?

I normally put down Writer.

It used to scare me to put this word, not I am having fun and it a game. I could put down - President of the United States - most hostels or hotels would not read it, therefore not important.

I will sometimes write the name of an actual major guidebook, saying:
- X Guidebook Writer -

I guess the game is to see how well the world pays attention. I can honestly say, in 9 years I had only one person actually jump on this and start quizzing me a lot. He then offered me a free room, made my life very nice for a week. I did not take the free room, however it was nice to have special care.

I would call this some type of survey or Rat Lab test, I am testing how well Hotels qualify the persons that enter the Hotel.

I also ask many hotel about the Lonely Planet Guidebooks, or the Roughguide or Footprints or Let�s go, etc. I want to know how they know they are being visited by a guidebook writer.

As best I can tell a guidebook writer walks into a hotel and says,
- I am a guidebook writer for X -
Then sells the Hotel on some idea of something, I believe, I am not sure, that most of them trade off special perks for nice comments. The get their pay in many ways other than actual money.

Sadly it pretty obvious that many of the guidebooks are not even sending out writers anymore, only to open up a new book area.

If you want to review a hotel, to me a person has to enter as a bum, with a lot of money. It always has to be obvious to an owner that you have the money to pay for a room. However, I like to see how a hotel treat the bums, not how they treat the people that think they are rich.

A very good hotel will treat everyone across the board the same. There is not profiling as you would thing, in reality most hotels have extreme profiling.

The only thing that really matters to the hotel is money.

To have fun, walk into a hotel, write down
- Blah Blah Guidebook Writers -
Do not tell the, see if they even notice.

What is fun is this, I can tell a person many things, I can say, I have one the world largest travel blogs, strangely this does not even elicit a glance. I suppose they believe everyone lies. You really have to put on an aura of being someone to be taken serious, I personally am just playing a game. I do not want them to pay attention and if they did, I would leave.

Selling yourself is so important in life, the normal person has to be overwhelmed with you in a personal and charismatic way. You have to hand them a business, card, announce how you are important, then sell them on this idea.

Life is a daily game, fun, enjoyable and a very self centered world.