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Many Choices in Manila

2006-04-19 20:26:00

Many Choices in Manila

I wake up this morning in Manila, I am having trouble finding a toehold in Manila, and the normal hotels I visit are full. I have a room, however it feels like I was stuffed into the corner and I am waiting to be thrown in the garbage.

CNN has some crazy; in MY opinion know nothing Anthropologist on TV explaining to me how the Maoist in Nepal are some type of misunderstood political group.

The British Rock band, - The Who -

Maybe this is what I think about the Maoist - The Who? -

Nepal is a wonderfully confused country, one of my top choices on the planet to make, design, and manufacture backpacks in, a place I want to go to in the next few months and work on making backpacks to sell on my backpack.

However, the Rock Band - The Who - said it correct and painfully too aware of the world of politics.
- Meet the new boss, same as the old boss -

What can I do? What can you do? What can anyone do when some Religious Group, Political Party, Narco Traffickers, Maoist Group, Dali Lama Group, Jihad, etc etc etc etc etc.

The name is not important to me; they all want to be the mafia boss. The form of government is mafia in structure and performance. The only alternative is some capital based system where the business runs the country and extracts money from it constituents by creating a model where they feel a need to buy from the boss.

Smart Telephone
I am handed this brochure or advertisement on the plane from Bangkok to Manila; I am half-asleep, not paying attention, dazed in my world of who cares about all the petty need to do things to move from place to place information. I rather ignore the not so interesting things like line, queues and paperwork. I know if I stand in line, I will eventually get where I wish to go.

Smart Telephone has a sleeve or holder for the visa application, aagh that is not correct. It is the form you have to fill out to have permission to enter the Philippines, not really a Visa more of a data collection form to give you a date you entered and when you should leave.

This Advertisement to me is probably an optimistic point, maybe an identifier of how business is taking better control of the Philippines. Sadly, no business is controlling Nepal; it is floundering in a lack of control world. Smart Telephone here in the Philippines has grabbed the politicians, starts to control many aspects, many parts that I would say they should not be involved in, however they are like this entry document for the country. I do not see that this should be wrapped or be allowed to be wrapped in an advertisement.

Maoist in Nepal exists to extort bribes from the people of Nepal. Smart Telephone exists to propagandize their people to believe they must have a cell phone and pay them. Which is better, Smart Telephone, better than the lottery system, while Nepal has this violence imposed tax on the people. In reality as Rishi told me in Nepal, they have two taxes, the Kings and the Maoist, and they are in between.

On the other hand, if one wins, meet the new boss, too powerful and can extract any amount money. Nepal is biting off a freedom they may not want, I have not seen a person to run this mess arise, where is a good Castro when you need them. Some charismatic person needs to pop up and take over to allow this country to enter a democracy - dictatorship. Nothing is every simple and clean, especially nothing is ever honest and open, there is always someone grabbing for power without a noble cause.

The entry document coupled or partnered with Smart Telephone. A partnership of business and the country.

Death to Drug Traffickers - This is like saying no to the Maoist, Nepal is full of Drugs, one of the Hippy Dippy, ex-Vietnam hideouts.

China and Bill Gates

China comes and visits Bill Gates and Boeing Airplanes. Now the future is present, a true partnership of larger planet interest. I am not cynical, I am very happy that China is meeting with Bill Gates. Bill must keep the people happy to enable himself to sell them products, if he become too out of balance and the people turns the government onto them by the anti-trust laws and such.

Many Choices in Manila