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Malnutrition Niger

2006-04-07 05:40:00

Malnutrition Niger

I am working on this project to solve the problems of Malnutrition in Niger; I stopped at Penn State University to see about Grants and to discuss sources of knowledge with a Professor. I have a contact at Purdue University here in Indiana and I am trying to call this person.

I was sleeping on the floor in the JFK Airport the other day and thought to myself, or had one of them insight moments. I am normally the same as any other traveler, and then there are moments when I am different. What is different is I will sleep on the floor, ride the bus for a couple of days, I will say hello to cockroaches.

I do not want to do this, I just do what I need to do, not big complaints.

This is probably what is the solution for Niger, people that can do what needs to be done. The University is on the ten year plan, seems to have totally lost the plot. The NGO’s are a business, they do not wish to stop the problem, or at least I have yet to see one that wants to put into works long-term solutions. They tend to just build bigger building in Niger; they are not planning on completion.

Churches can or maybe do more than most organizations.

I am assigning person from India to collect data or information about Malnutrition. The professor was not impressed with our system. I was not impressed with their system. Being on a ten-year plan to talk is not a solution. More or less, I am trying to place a net on the internet that collects any smell, sign, and inferences to solutions to Malnutrition. Then we list them into categories, identifying the players, the organizations and make sure what is happening on the planet.

Problem…. English is not the only language we should be searching, we should be searching in at least 10 other language and really would be better in many more than 10, and I will strive to open up the search for possible solutions. There are problems to identify and list, then there are solutions to list and implement.

Malnutrition Niger