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Lumps Growing on Body in Philippines

Lumps Growing on Body in Philippines

This is sort of a motorcycle taxi, I had to take this to leave the addition, it is an annoying addition, and you have to walk about 500 meters to leave the place before you can find a taxi. The more exclusive you live, the harder it is to find a taxi, go figure.

This man has a King Lizard size mole or bodily growth on his face.

I am concerned when I see these growths on people�s bodies, I have seen many lumps or irregular sized patches of skins in the Philippines, in India you may see a huge, what is about the size of a golf ball on the side of a person neck.

This is actually very small in comparison to what is possible to see grow on peoples face.

This may or may not be an actual health problem; I suspect it is more of a cosmetic annoyance. However, fashion, looks, and position in life is more important than health and food. A person will spend every penny to live in a nice home to tell their friend or have a motorcycle, cell phone with camera, or something of fashion, maybe just clothes, however, in the end they will sacrifice all to drink a beer, buy some music, or what ever they need to be cool. Therefore, when a person allows something excessively not-cool to exist on their body, I am concerned. The world would pay to fix a nose and sacrifice feeding their children.

It is not natural for a person to not care about their looks, therefore either extreme level of poverty or some extreme lack of something is ruling this person�s life. I saw or talked briefly with a girl that slept in the streets in Manila, she had a lump on her leg. I did not bring attention to it, because I think she was trying so hard to be pretty and fashionable. It would have been sad to have her see herself less than perfect, she already was aware of this by explaining how she walked around, slept on friends places, or was trying in anyway shape or form, do what she needed to do, to put together 1500 Pesos or 30 Dollars U.S. to rent a room for one month.

I asked, why don�t you move back to the provinces, and she said, that she needed to earn money to send back for her to younger sister so they did not have to live this way.

Walking down the street, walking around inside a culture.

Lumps Growing on Body in Philippines