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Jet Lag Rules

2006-04-18 20:06:00

Jet Lag Rules

Jet Lag rules my lifeďż˝ hehehe 2:01 AM in the morning here in Bangkok, Thailand I and I give up, I cannot sleep. My body is completely confused; it does not know what time it is or when it should sleep.

I had trouble last night, then fell asleep around 4:00 AM, then proceeded to sleep until noon. Not the way to adjust your body clock, I need to wake and sleep at normal hours.

Oh well, this is not the first time I have had Jet Lag and it will not be the last, the bigger problem is my overwhelming freedom to do as I wish and no priority to obey sunlight rules.


I am not sure which is more dangerous, CNN or IRAN; they both would like to rule the world. I was watching a James Bond movie where this new mogul tried to create a war, made me think of CNN and BBC and now the SKY NEWS.

Speculation has become the news, nothing to do with what is NEW, more to do with what is possible, could be possible, or just plain in my mind, what will sell or perk the nonsensical minds of the viewers. I really need to read newspapers and stop all together watching TV News, it is just rubbish.

IRAN though is one of them people that stands up in the crowd and tells everyone they are crazy. I think they want to be hit; obviously, you do not tug on superman cape. What is good is now the money to support Palestine is coming or trying to come from the Islamic world and not the western world. I have never figured out why we need to give money to support those who are so obviously not in our corner.

The world is getting safer, and I have a continuous stream of emails from people that think countries are dangerous. What a bunch of crap. On the other hand, it does seem that people would rather believe a conspiracy theory than the truth.

Jet Lag Rules