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I am at Penn State University

2006-04-03 09:18:00

I am at Penn State University

Present GPS Location
40 Degrees 47.624 North
077 Deggrees 51.485 West

I spent the day looking at Manhattan Island yesterday, then left New York and drove to a city called - State College, Pennsylvania - and then go figure, there is Penn State University here in the city of State College. Prone to confusion...

I am going to talk to a class of too smart University Students today, April 3rd, and I believe the goal is to explain how I made a successful web site. I am still searching for the clarity, however there is an emphasis or I am being guided in small ways by Dan the Professor the class towards the idea of:

- How can one person make a successful site? -

Therefore, I am sitting here in a very nice hotel room, collecting all the essential concepts of why I have a successful site. I was trying to think, if I met certain persons on the planet, what would I want. If I met James Michener, now dead, however if he was alive, and if I was wanting to be a novel writer. Probably not a good example.

If I met, the founders of, whoever that is, I do not know, and I only had 15 minutes to ask the questions, or more correctly if they  was giving me a lecture, what would I want them to give me. I would want this.

A Todo List of ideas.

This would be a list of ideas for me to go and work on, a long list of what they believe essential ideas that made them a success on their project. I could then return home and slice and dice the ideas, concepts, and try to incorporate them into my world. I am making a long list of idea. With the class, I will then be able to explain them. I suppose one person in the class will understand the plot. Maybe one of them too smart person will read this prior to the class.. hehehe

I am at Penn State University