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I am a Grateful Traveler

2006-04-13 01:59:00

I am a Grateful Traveler
I am very grateful and thankful to my good fortune in life. The Internet and travel industry is full of sneaky people, trying to sell you down the road for a buck.
I have been very lucky, as I have consistently tried to avoid any temptation to make the easy money. The easy money can be made by loving every place I visit.
If you go looking for house in your city, there is only a few neighborhoods where you may want to live. There are many countries I wish to visit, have visited, but for sure I do not want to live in the country.
I am an Indiana boy, not a city boy, a person that likes the hospitality of a friendly face, a warm smile, a hello in the morning. I have traveled long enough I am adapting the culture of the people I am around. I spend close to 2 months in the Caribbean and I can honestly say almost zero person said hello in the morning, more or less get out of my face mentality.
Culture is transferred, I do not want to become like a Caribbean person, I do like the friendly nature of Guatemala.
I am like Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Troi is an empath.
I have an uncanny ability to feel the situation, to smell or know the difference between good and bad situations. My instincts or feel enables me to travel to very dangerous places like Iraq safely.
The bad part is it is very difficult for me to just overlook or turn off my feelings, I feel a countries undercurrents, I feel the frustrations, angers, and problems. This does not mean I know what the problems are, I can only feel what they feel. I do not want to feel like some countries.
Budapest feels like a grimace, it does not have a quick to smile nature.
However, the reason I am grateful is I am fully aware, people are as happy as they wish to be. I wish to be very happy, I can leave whatever is not happy behind. I do not care about money, I do not make the best of bad situation to save money. I will sacrifice comfort to save money, I will not live in a miserable situation just to say I was there.
As become bigger and more comprehensive I know there has to be a policy.
I was watching Sky News, I watch CNN and BBC a lot, I have very little choice.
I would really appreciate it they left out the opinions. It is like 95 percent opinions or interpretation demanding you agree with their always controversial perspectives.
A blog is 100 percent opinions.
A guidebook should in my view try to guide you toward safe havens. Write history, like a historian, explain hotels as benefits and problems, not as opinions.
I see may people with the AWE in their eyes, like small children, they believe any person that seems reasonable. I learned may years ago, never completely trust a person that can make money by giving you bad advice.
The Prime Directive of travel is to remember you are on vacation and you are on vacation to enjoy yourself. If you are not happy, then change where you travel. A person owes nothing to another country, they do owe all persons their honesty and respect. But I do not have to love your home or your country, and if I discover I am not happy quick, I am leaving quicker, not a lot of value of sitting around complaining about where I am located.
I am a Grateful Traveler, I am able to go anywhere now on the planet, I have enough money to thrive, I can pay my way around extreme headaches and leave or enter when I wish. I can actual roam nomadically searching for the wonder of the world, and avoid any ugly feelings.

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal