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How to Travel in the Philippines

2006-04-29 18:54:00

How to Travel in the Philippines

I am confused, I have been to the Philippines maybe four times now, and I am not sure how to travel around this country. It would seem that all countries are easy, however they are not. There are always various levels of understanding of a country.

I just do not know where the layers are here, or how to see the layers. I am 98 percent sure there is much more here than I can see. Last night, I heard or talked with a very obnoxious American, I listened, kept my mouth shut, listened to him explain, purport, brag, tell, make too loud talk, do everything wrong culturally you could possibly do, however in the end he is accepted by the other Expats.

This is maybe the cloud over my judgments, I also talked with Tao, an Australian who is open, clear, listens, wants to start a Hostel here with me and he is a good person. There is some type of cloud over my eyes; I cannot see the clear paths here in the Philippines to interesting locations. I can almost guarantee it is because the male Expats in his country only offer up information that is selfish, self-serving and has something to do with women.


I feel a need to explore, there is a painful threshold of confusion here also, the taxis, transportation, explanations on how to move around the country are embedded in the sounds of a taxi driver who wishes to confuse me.

I think the solution is this, I just go 2 hours to a city, do my exploration slowly, and completely, every time I start to go to a city, I hear some negative commentary, or some Expats explanation that gives me a bad feeling. The only solution may to totally stop talking with Expats, or possibly to find girl travelers. This is amazingly difficult; I just do not see female travelers.

I guess I may make in about 4 days a bus trip 2 hours away from here, then stay two day, then jump two hour again, take a circular route because I fly to Bangkok on May 10.

How to Travel in the Philippines