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2006-04-20 19:30:00


I think it is becoming my personal crusade for Hotel reform, what is up with hotel, why cannot they not see that I rent a bed first. Hard to imagine a bed costing more than 10 dollars, however they do, however if you are going to make me pay a lot of money for a flop, then make my bed.

There is a worldwide sheet problem. What I think they believe if the solution is the cleaning ladies, I have seen very few men, however the solution is the cleaning ladies come into the room and make the bed daily. This is another of the never-ending short-term solutions to life examples.

I am tempted to go into a Hilton or Ritz and check their sheets, do they have at the minimum fitted sheets.

This is the Days Inn in State College, Pennsylvania, a very good bed, soft, big, and spacious however I am annoyed, I must move around in my sleep and I do not appreciate being able to touch their mattress when I awake.

This is a not so well placed on the star level hotel in Manila, Philippines, They have the obnoxious plastic mattress, which is especially enabling the sheets to come loose. I am not sure; I think the hotels do not understand. Details, specific details are what makes a hotel, it is not the big things, it is the little things. I do not care about the swimming pool; I want the prime time things handled first.

I am thinking there is maybe a Hotel shortage on the planet, it is not getting easier to rent rooms, it is becoming more difficult. The reservations system on the planet it taking over and maybe because people know they can have a room for two days they rent them. People know the world is safe, they are traveling at an every increasing rate, and there is no end in sight. My gut says the world is not making affordable hotels fast enough for the mass of tourism. They are making tons of over-priced hotels that could never compete with affordable housing.