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Hobo in Bangkok Thailand

2006-04-16 23:55:00

Hobo in Bangkok Thailand
I am in Bangkok, Thailand one of my homes away from home, I probably have at least 10 places like this on the planet are refuge from the storm.
Too much of too much going on, I talk with Joroem of Nat Tours, purchased a place ticket to Manila, Philippines for Wednesday.

HOWEVER... What about IRAN?

He has figured out how I can go to Iran, Dubai, Bombay, Nepal and back to Thailand as a trip. What a wiz kid travel agent, he is figuring out my plot and now is entering the game. He is thinking of outrageous ways to make paths around the planet.

Then again, he has a sign on his travel agents wall that explains how to buy a tour to go Scuba Diving at the North Pole, plus every other not so dodgy place like Nepal to visit.

I think we agree Nepal is not a dangerous place to visit, either is Iran for that fact, however I am trying to get him thinking about un-contacted tribes. He thinks in central Africa there could be places, or maybe as we agree, maybe little contacted tribes.

Bangkok is just too convenient and cheap. I am getting my clothes washed, buying plane tickets, studying how to travel, not trying to survive the inconveniences of places like Budapest. Sometimes all my energy was used, just to find a place to clean my clothes or where in the world is the Internet cafe. I am living in a private room for 6 U.S. Dollars with TV here in Bangkok and for 13 dollars in Budapest I got to sleep with 12 people on a top bunk, freeze, have a never ending obnoxious  person look at me, here is paradise compared to there

I am thinking of separating the planet into areas where it is - Backpacker Friendly - in reality, the services provided to a long-term traveler, someone out for 6 months is 10 times better than for tourist. They make sure the Internet, laundry, plane tickets to purchase, trains, planes, and taxis are all clearly marked.

I could put some type of Hobo sign on the country and make a map.. hehehe
There is nothing easy to me about being a tourist, nothing fun either. I must get in touch with my inner child and stop listening to some adult voice that talks about the silly tourist zones.

With Adventure travel, places where I could get killed, you expect things to be a little difficult, not in places like Europe that makes me bored.

Hobo in Bangkok Thailand

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal