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Emails Are Blocked in Hotel

2006-04-04 05:35:00

Emails Are Blocked in Hotel
I can send emails two ways.
1. Go to Yahoo online and write the letter, click send.
2. Download and upload my emails.
The bottom line with the internet connection here is this. I send them with my Email Client. It says they are sent, BUT they are not.
This is a terrible problem, I believe they are sent, I have no idea how man people did not receive emails in the last days.
I write email both ways. When I have a connection, I sometimes write online. I am doing this live with a connection, through my Yahoo box.
This problem is a critical problem for a business person that could be using Outlook or Outlook Express to send and receive emails. The could be writing emails that must be received. I am just a blogger, if you do not get this, not the end of anything, Just me making noise.
Many problem here, which signal am I using, why do they have a firewall? I do not like firewalls. They stop things, but even worst is Virus programs. They just take over, make a decision on what is ok or not ok.
Emails Are Blocked in Hotel

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
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