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Cebu Pacific Airlines

Cebu Pacific Airlines

I booked a cheap flight with

This is a photo of the plane we flew on, I was warned by some expat in Manila that he flew with Cebu Pacific and the flight was 3 hours late.

This was a real anal comment, it was like saying, one time the flight was late and you should never fly on the airlines. I personally feel 99 percent of all airlines are not substantially different. Except for, which is exceptionally good in my mind and Aeropostal from Venezuela that is exceptionally bad. I suppose Bangladesh Airline could be considered exceptionally full of smelly people.

The baggage claim in Cebu, there was an exceptionally follow the leader, be first in line mentality at this Baggage Pickup Carousal.

Leaving an airplane is like Kindergarten, one person stands up in the plane, everyone runs to follow the person, they all crowd ahead and act like there is this great desert with ice cream waiting outside the door, if they do not hurry, all will be gone and they will miss out.

Boarding the plane and de-boarding the plane is like Kindergarten everyone is rushing to stand in line.

I will often sit outside the plane until the last possible moment or until they tell me, I must board the plane. I often have people say,
- Why don�t you get in line? -

I say, why do I want to stand in a line for 10-20 minutes, I have a reserved seat. What is even funnier is the first class person can board first. Then have the whole plane crash through their compartment, banging side to side with too large for carry-on bags, however who cares, and they carry them on anyway bags. Banging away as they pass the first class section. Therefore the First Class got to board first and be the best experienced at watching the Kindergarten students rush for a reserved seat.

The Baggage claim was fun, I always stand back far enough to be out of the melee, when I see my bag, I just walk up and say excuse me, grab my bag, pull it out, put on a cart, and walk away. I do not have to stand inside the cluster, but I am in the University level of travel and left Kindergarten way behind.

The Philippines person are lucky to reach my chin, I pushed forward, literally moved a couple of people, shifted a slower brain into second gear and got my bag.

Airline Carousals to me are like watching or learning how primitive people really can be or are in actuality, fighting for a bag, just seems a little gauche.

Cebu Pacific Airlines