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Bored Naughty Debauchery Chaos Anarchy

2006-04-08 03:56:00

Bored Naughty Debauchery Chaos Anarchy

There was an Anonymous comment about Indiana on the on your post "Indiana The Crossroads of America":

Indiana is one the worst states in America. I was totally bored there..
I suppose my natural inclination is to defend the homeland, my personal fatherland, the place that made me who I am, the cause determinism that created the combinations of experiences, family, friends, and experiences that made me equipped to travel the world.
However, Indiana is boring for most people.
My sister last night said she had no desire to go to New York City. I really have almost zero desire to go to New York City. I would love to go to New York City if I could spend 500-1000 dollars per day. It is the same with the Caribbean, the next time I return I will go and hide in a resort.
What is fun about a city is the debauchery, the chaos, the extreme rush of the world wanting anarchy. I on the other hand believe this is not real life, this is just watching the naughty children be naughty.
I said to my sister,
- People do not feel like they are in control of their lives, the only way they can have control is to say, NO. To disagree with what in the back of their mind they know is correct. To demand to say, I am different. -
Everyone wants to celebrate cultural diversity and the right to be different. I want people to be different, I thinks it is a little asinine on my parts to cause or ask for an argument. Many people will provoke on the comments, I just delete them, I could care less about getting into an argument with an anonymous person on the Internet. This just seems the highest level of me wanting to say to a person.
- Get a life -
I write on the Internet in this blog to clarify my feelings, and to earn money, hopefully to help person on any level I help them, and if they are bored. Please click on something else, it is not a forced to listen media.
But the desire to be naughty is sadly the wave of the future, I have learned many times that a husband and wife will argue for excitement or watch one them too stupid to believe soap operas, too stupid to believe talk shows where the brother had a relation with his brother wife, then had a baby, then sold the baby, then ran off to Mexico. Blah Blah Blah.
This is easier than good constructive enjoyment by reading a book, or listening to a wise old man in the park explain his life.
The second is very boring. The search for Naughty, Debauchery, Chaos and Anarchy is part of being the - Public- or the - Rabble.- Then again, I hope with a little introspection a person could swim up out of the mud puddle.

I travel to look at the rabble of life, not to be the rabble, however I do relate, understand, and also know that a Hobo is not a Suit.
Bored Naughty Debauchery Chaos Anarchy