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April 23 Manila to Cebu Flight

April 23 Manila to Cebu Flight
36 U.S. Dollars

I fly today from Manila, Philippines to Cebu, Philippines with

I am paying 1800 Pesos after all the noise and extras, this is about 36 U.S. Dollars for a one-way flight, not bad for only buying the day before. I was sitting in a travel agent office and they said,
- 3600 Peso, that is the best we can do with this short notice with Cebu Pacific -

I then purchased the ticket online withe the airline they quoted, just a lot of crap, and more crap, and then some more, the level of professionalism of Travel Agents needs to take a world leap or they are doomed.

I am sort of looking for a path from the Philippines to Australia that is with one of the discount or low cost carriers, that would be a good path.

April 23 Manila to Cebu Flight