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A Volunteer Idea

2006-04-09 14:23:00

A Volunteer Idea

This is Cusco Peru
I paid a nice Dutch Girl to put my Logo on sweatshirt, then give them to street people. She took photos and asked them a few questions. I thought about helping to fund this project as a way to bring notice to street people, plus give them a way to be warm. Cuzco is pretty high, therefore cold in the night.

The Ideas is this, the world would not like have all their poor people on webpages, therefore eventually it would induce the countries to take care of their people.

Photos taken by Irene of the Netherlands or Holland.

Señora Agripina

This woman was sitting in Calle Meson de la estrella. She always comes here
in the afternoon. She has a daughter but she doesn’t have any work nor any

Señora Sota
She just crossed the street very
difficultly because she has rheumatisme, and she sat down in the Av.
Universitaria to beg for money because she doesn’t get any financial support
from the government. She mainly spoke Quechua but understood a bit of

Sr. Casiano
He is blind and is sitting almost every
day in Calle Maruri, with his little money bucket with a string to avoid
that people will steel the money that he just received. Sometimes his
grandson is with him to avoid that.
He only spoke Quechua so didn’t understand
me at all but he was really happy with the sweater. I think he is about 80
years old.

Benjamin, 70 years old, also blind and is
playing the flute (very false) or some other instrument in calle

Marcelino, 38 years old, is handicapped
and moves around on his hands and his feet, with wooden blocks underneath to
protect his skin. Normally you can find him on Avenida Sol to beg for money
because he doesn’t receive any financial support.

Fidel, 68 years, is a blind man who is
always playing the Bandolina,in calle Intikijllu to receive money. Not a top
artist but at least he is trying!

German, 38 years, also handicapped and
moving around on his knees and hands. I met him in Avenida Sol and he told
me that he doesn’t have a job nor any financial support, so he begs for

Wilberto Antor, 35 years old and
paraplegic begging for money in front of the Bank in Avenida Sol.

Sr. Agustin, 83 years old.
I met him in Avenida Sol, he
is blind and is begging for money in different places, finding his way with
a stick.

Sr. Fortunato, 56 years old, Avenida Sol.
He normally sleeps on the floor in an institution where they can stay for
the night. During the day he is begging for money.

Silvia, 85 years old, was sitting in calle
Carmen K’ijllu. I could hear and see that she was sick. She told me that she
had pain in her back and problems with her lungs, Tuberculossis. If she
feels good enough to beg for money then she will be on the street. She
doesn’t have any insurance nor does she get any financial help.

In Plazoleta
Espinar I met Sacharias, 35 years old, who told me that he became sick from
one day to the other, from his middle to his feet and he also has problems
with his hands. He doesn’t know what his sickness is because, like he told
me, they didn’t help him very well in the hospital. In the past he was
working in agriculture but now he is begging for money during the day and in
the night he stays in the Institute Fartac where he can sleep.

In Plazoleta Espinar I met a man, called
Domingo, 90 years old. He is from Chincheros a little village half an our
from Cusco and was limping around in Cusco, asking for money holding his hat
up. He doesn’t receive any economical help from the government. He is from
Chincheros a little village half an our from Cusco.

Juan, 45 years, is begging for money in
the street Matara because he can’t get a job. 9 Months after he was born he
got poliomyelitis.

Maria Elena Quispe, 50 years, with
paralysis is from Ceuzabamba and is begging for money on the cold floor, in
Calle Qéra, until late in the night because she doesn’t get any support.

Señora Tomasa
She is “una madre abandonada”. She doesn’t
have any contact with her kids any more, she said. She is from Sicuani but
doesn’t remember her age. She is begging in Calle Almayro and preferred two
sweaters but was happy with one as well.

Manuel Cumpena, 75 years, is from Sianari
and had a job in the past but doesn’t get any pension nor help and is
begging for money in Calle Ayacucho. He was very happy with the sweater for
the cold nights.

Roxana and Sandra lost their house with
everything in it because their father burned the house in a drunken rage,
with them and their 5 year old brother inside, at the moment that their
mother escaped to get help. Happily they all could escape!!!

Señora Juliana
Soncco, 42 years, is having tuberculosis, the government doesn’t help her,
she can’t work, her husband passed away and she’s got 4 children, we met
her in the street Marquez

Señor Pedro Cahuide, 83 years old, doesn’t
have a pension, now he begs for money in the streets because he doesn’t have
anything to eat, he doesn’t know anything of his children, he is completely

Volunteer Idea