Wondering or Wandering Minds

2006-03-15 08:18:00

Wondering or Wandering Minds

I am trying to research a tip, how to do this, something I can place in my newsletter. I browse around in my Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer. I come across the drawing by Leonardo da Vinci the famous whatever.

He did this drawing of the Vitruvian Man; I will keep this General Audience Rating.

Vitruvian Man
- Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci�s Vitruvian Man, from around 1492, shows a man within a circle and a square�an illustration of the proportional canon of ancient Roman architect Vitruvius. Leonardo and many other Renaissance artists were interested in mathematical and scientific measurement. This work is in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. - (2)

Dan Brown
I have not read I believe three books by Dan Brown, he is the person that wrote the book the - Da Vinci Code - that is presently trendy. I read recently his book the - Angels & Demons - which is here in my room in the�
- Need to be traded for new books pile -


I read first by accident - Digital Fortress -

I do trades, hard to be choosy, normally I look for the words - New York Times Best - blah, or something that would say better than normal. You have to be careful; they can try to put those words there, however not correct.

I have usually in my possession seven books, this is my number, the number I strive to keep at so I have sufficient books to read when I by design or accidentally enter the nothing to do world. Some places on the planet are very interesting for study, but are boring beyond belief. What this means is I can walk around for about two hours per day, then after that I need some entertainment, for me this is reading a book.

I want to go to Africa, I have collected over 30 books in PDF files on my computer, and I figure I need maybe 60 to be safe. Some parts of Africa or the Jungle, probably the Amazon Basin or remote parts of China and blah blah blah are very boring. Interesting, educational, however boring.

In the end, it is conversation that is needed, some type of intriguing somewhat intimate; get to understand another person conversation that is needed most. Therefore, I feel some places best to take a companion or friend, mate, etc.

This drawing by Da Vinci is cool, symmetrical, and creates or tries to explain by drawing what is the shape of a person or the ideals maybe of body structure. It is about - mathematical and scientific measurement -.

I am collect common ideas; I keep seeing that distance or the measurement of items is so closely related to travel.
How long to go here?
How many miles or kilometers?

I need to calculate, or try to anticipate the best way to travel from here to here in a certain time, amount of money to spend, the proper budget.

I guess I am marveling at the insight of Da Vinci, he really was a wiz kid of his day.

Dan Brown seems to be having fun at the expense of some of the nuts on the planet that wish to read so much into everything.

He points out in a book how people plot and plan, then the conspiracy theory people can have something to use for substance. Extrapolate, postulate, and go nutty trying to explain what is not such a big deal to know.

People plot and plan, manipulate to get what they want, they do this for both good and evil reasons.

Big deal, nothing new about this idea, hard to live a day on the planet without seeing this basic human nature are work. Not fun to see the evil side though, nice to feel and see the children here in Guatemala, try, oops succeed in selling me items I really do not want.

I guess I have one more book by Dan on my list to hope to find when traveling. It is random and only in Bangkok Thailand, on Khao San road could I actually have hope of finding most books. I cannot remember the last time I purchased a new book, does not happen much, however trades and used book probably one to two per week.

I think Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand may have the largest collection of Travel Books on the planet in one location. All for sale� Hehehe - Used -

Wondering or Wandering Minds

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