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USA Expat Taxes

2006-03-30 02:47:00

USA Expat Taxes

I wish learning about some subjects was easier. I am trying to learn the USA tax rules for person who live outside the country. I know very little for sure, however I am moving ahead, I found an accountant I believe knows about the subject, and what is better, what he does not know, he desires to learn. It is not just a money thing with him, I think he enjoys learning.

330 days... I think I have to be outside the USA 330 days and I can earn up to around 80,000 Dollars without paying taxes.

Then comes the Social Security. I think I have to pay 15 percent mas o menos of the money I earn, then probably some miscellaneous taxes.

What is great is they have these table for each country and each city that allows a per diem (per day) amount of money I am allowed to live on in other countries. This number is high, maybe over 50 to 150 dollars per day. The business travelers usually travel in 5 star hotels, therefore I am in luck. The Per Diem makes life easier for me, it is impossible and to the point of being ridiculous on collecting all the receipts. I am not stupid enough to pay all my expenses with a credit card. That would double my cost and guarantee somebody uses my credit card after they steal the numbers.

This per diem amount is considered an expense to my business. I am glad them business guys live in 5 star hotels and make sure their businesses pay through the nose... hehehe

90 percent of the hotels I stay in do not take credit cards, and that is why they are a great value for the money. A reservation and a credit card acceptance normally doubles the price of the hotel.

Oh well, I think I got the tax thing closer to being figured out.  Note, the way to find an accountant or lawyers is maybe to search for Forums with Expats and there will be people inside the Forums with he same problem. This is how I found the Accountant I am using, he is a good guy. I will try to collect all the essential points and eventually put on a page.

Search in for "USA Expat Forum".

Maybe here on the Expat page:

I also have a page about Money:

I actually like to collect this data, I wish someday I would feel like all the information needed was collected. These are projects that never end, there is alway a new angle to observe and collect.

USA Expat Taxes