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Travel Theft Worry

Travel Theft Worry

I will go by Ferry from Anguilla to St Martin or Sint Maaten the name of this Island or country is very difficult for me to spell.

I am worried about leaving my room for 10 hours and the owner knows I am leaving for 10 hours. I have told Hutson Gump the owner of the Casa Nadine�s that I am leaving.  He is a very good person, helped me to understand how to go to the ferry, the cost of taxi, the cost of ferry, when to leave, how to get back and better yet. He explained the two docks or places where I can catch another Ferry to the Islands of Saba or Statia, also Saint Barts.

Ok, this is now known by the building, the - White Boy - is going away for the whole day and will be on another Island. The door is a great door, deadbolt lock, you would have to have the key to get in the room, there is no way to enter this room without a key or kicking the door in, I suppose a person can kick in the door.

I feel 98 percent sure Hutson is very honest, he seems on the up and up, good guy, however I do not normally tell anyone I am leaving for a whole day. I make everyone in the hotels believe I would come back in just a short while, could be back anytime, I do not give them knowledge of my whereabouts.

I feel safe; however, this is against my standard operating procedures of travel. I am violating a prime directive rule for me. I am telling the owner I will be gone for 10 hours and cannot just pop back to the hotel.

Resort versus Guesthouse - Hutson does not clean the rooms, I think he is the only person that has a key, if I was in a resort here in Anguilla, I would be locking everything down very good as the resorts pass around the keys, maids, owners, staff, etc, nothing is safe from the inspection of workers. I feel much safer here than in a resort, they could blame on anyone if my stuff is stolen, Hutson is going to feel he is the only person, therefore I am safer. Hutson is a great guy.