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The Poor Countries Take the Lead

2006-03-08 05:45:00

The Poor Countries Take the Lead

I am almost worried, sometimes this is too much. I am in a room here in Antigua, Guatemala that has high speed wireless internet. Rather an accident it is in my room, the router comes in the building here, however I have screaming fast internet in my room, I am in Internet Heaven.

It is complicated, in my opinion the poorer or what we would think are the lesser developed countries can or may be taking the lead in some areas.

To work on a project, I need to have many sources available to me.

1. Money
2. Internet
3. Labor
4. Infrastructure of facilities. Telephone, Fax, Computers.
5. Time

There is a cost to produce ration to the product. I have to pay X amount of money to produce this product.

In my situation, I create an internet site for X amount of money. In my opinion the needed infrastructure of all these variables is being created in the poorer countries on a level that may pass the USA maybe in 30 years. The present problem is a culture of sloppy behavior or working methods. However I am harnessing some of the energy, time, labor effectively. I am not sure if Microsoft is doing this, presently they are using the language skills more than the technical skills. I am not sure, I am not an insider, I cannot observe the inside of Microsoft, however to me they are mostly using countries like India to solve their support problems, not technical problems.

I am here in Guatemala with an absolutely overwhelming better system than in the USA for 1/10 the price, maybe 1/20. I could compete and working Guatemala and have an advantage 20 time better than the USA. This is scary.

The Caribbean is in the dark ages compared to Guatemala.