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St Martin

St Martin

I am on the Island of St Martin or Sint Maarten according to whether you think Dutch or French.

I have walked a long time from the port of Marigot in search of a beach, I finally found a beach called Friar Bay, however I was not prepared with my beach hammock blanket to lie around and read a book. I was truly hoping to figure out a simple way of going to the beach. I feel like I am in Car Rental Heaven, and walk to the beach Hell.

It defeats my value in life for a beach, when I have to work to go to the beach. Maybe, if I go to Philipsburg (sp) from Marigot, I can find some easily accessible good beaches by small bus.

I am considering how to escape the Caribbean, just not worth the money, the only hope is maybe now in the Dutch part or Sint Maarten, there may be a 20 dollar guesthouse with a bus to Orient Beach, supposedly a nude beach or topless beach or something like a continuous strip show. I do not like nude beaches, however it would be better than being bored out of my brain.

I think people are overwhelmed with the blue water, it is pretty, however for me, and I have lived on much better beach areas for 1/10 the price. Feels like I am being robbed.

St Martin