San Pedro Hostel

2006-03-14 08:34:00

San Pedro Hostel

OK, for one thing, anyone that wants to sleep in a dorm in Guatemala is crazy. You can get room here for 2-3 dollars USA.

I was cracking up, laughing and chisme with the manager of my hotel. Some Gringos enter the hotel, asked the manager to put this flyer on the counter.

I started to laugh when I seen it. - TRIPPY - if that does not mean - DRUG - then nothing does. This word is evasive to the locals however to me has two meaning, however for sure the San Pedro de Laguna across the lack city is known for drugs.

Free Love - the next big laugh for me.

The is an entrepreneurial person. Contrary to popular myths about hippies, they do seem very greedy. They are the jewelry salespersons, marketing in I am lonely, I hate money, I make stupid crap, I hate the government, I hate globalization, and then become very good drug dealers. It is like a perverted form of a good cause, I am in many ways a hippie generation person; however, I keep trying to see the nobility in some of these people and all I feel is the sleaze.

Sadly, the owners thought they were just trying to be nice, does not want to recommend drug hotels or such. I do not know what this hotel is about, however to me, it is pretty clear you do not want to recommend to mom and pop to go live in a trippy Hostel.

A gringo can enter any Hotel; convince the owner they are respectable. Marketing by sort of a statutory rape methodology.

This is the type of post that elicits hate mail from the - Free Love - I love you, but I am angry bunch. Sort of confused from the get go bunch.

San Pedro Hostel

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