Researcher Hotel

2006-03-14 08:35:00

Researcher Hotel

I have been toying with the idea of having a Hostel for years; I want to have six locations around the planet where I can live. The idea is to have self-supporting or self-sustainable properties that create enough income that they can be maintained and protected while I am traveling in other countries. The problem is I need managers that are responsible and this is tremendously difficult task to find this type of person.

On the other hand, there are these researcher type people, Anthropologist, Writer, Archeology, Photographers, or person of more serious nature who are doing projects. Not normally the volunteers, they have a different goal than normally anticipated. Some of the NGO do have the correct agendas; others do not, or most do not.

I need locations where all the bells and whistle work. Internet in the room, hot water, in a Cultural Location, many small things. A mailbox is needed to receive letters, store bag, there is so many needs not fulfilled by any hotel I have ever encountered. It is annoying to me that a hotel does not feel or anticipate, understand, know, and empathize with the needs of travelers and tourist.

To me the five Star Hotel do the worst, the normal residence of the NGO�s.

Researcher Hotel

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