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Remarkable Navigators

Remarkable Navigators

I am in awe of little, inspired by the strange, curious about everything, annoying obnoxious person, loved by few, hated by many, and sometimes respected for the wrong reasons.

Whom I respect and why I respect them has many paths for me to explore. I will respect a person a long time before I am sure why, only with continued introspection of myself, I can start to learn why I respect of fail to respect the person.

Genius is easy for me respect, genius coupled with intense sense of honesty and honor, bridging on a stupid nobility will make people climb this ladder. I find myself weak, humble, lacking, constantly failing to measure up to the expectations of myself. Only the comparisons I observe between myself and others enables me to continue. Without this comparison, I would deem myself a complete failure in life.

Comparing myself to Christopher Columbus I find myself an ant under his feet in the intellect, drive, ambition, ability to encompass all the variable, derive the essential information need, then the outrageous courage to make a decision. Extrapolations or maybe the word is prognostications of possible eventualities of decisions are mind staggering.

My collection point or capture location whereby I place all explorers.

Making decisions, assessments, anticipations, and prognostications, is easy in hindsight, maybe in these is the cultural annoying comment.
I despise this word, without a comment of explanation after the word; I start to instantly consider the person an idiot. Every opinion, every idea, ever comment on the planet to me is in someway, shape for form in some causal deterministic way dependant on something else. To ask an opinion and the person to say, depends is not an answer, it is nothing, translated it means to me. I know nothing, cannot tell you nothing, I should be saying.

- I do not know -

Sadly, they often do know, if and only if I push hard. What is the problem with the person that says depends is they are not Christopher Columbus; they will not make a 1 percent commitment to believe in their own opinions. They have zero respect for themselves, they feel to me as if they are so afraid of speculation they cannot move forward in the least. Fear of feeling more stupid.

I am in the birthplace of my culture, the starting point where after all these navigators came I my gene pool eventually followed. Someone had to be the first to jump across the pond, hope to land, and then die, almost or maybe believing they never found anything.

Ferdinand Magellan
Christopher Columbus


Marco Polo

The more I study, the more or do the - Researcher Wander - The more I know, I know nothing. Humility or the need for humility is in endless need, however the bravery needed to take a stance, to make a decision today, not tomorrow, not with a around robin, literary license to lie, hide behind some politically correct phrase. To travel, to explore, means I make an evolving opinion, log in this opinion, decision, then prognosticate to endless degrees on what is known today and plan the future.

I have on my lap a computer, the size of a house a few years ago, databases, internet, access to the world�s information, however I am in a jungle of overwhelming questions and answers, and people who do not clarify. Chris, Ferd, Marco, Darwin, these boys maybe had paper, and were probably inventing many of their tools, fixing, wondering if they even worked as the went. Brave men.

In my - Researcher Wanderings -, I found this.

Encarta Encyclopedia Quote about Christopher Columbus

-Many of these events were driven by the centuries-long conflict between Christians and Muslims, followers of the religion known as Islam. -

I was looking at a stupid mental midget sign about a Christian Crusade here on the Island of Anguilla where there are about six photos of violence on the planet. The caption says something like - Signs of our times - Inferring or trying to say that the world is in bad shape, I am 100 percent sure the world is getting safer every year, countries I could not visit 9 years ago are opening their doors. China for instance is encouraging tourism, Libya is opening, Iraq is busted open, the Silk Trails are opening again, it is becoming possible travel many places.

The war in Iraq has about 2500 Americans dead, very serious, however in the history of war, just a bad day for many wars, however two or more years for this, maybe more of a police action.

The so-called Islamic Problem the world is facing today is not to me a problem of today, it has always been a problem, but in reality we are talking and living together, this is a good sign.

On the other hand, Columbus also was able to wander around in this area without the native killing him, not that simple, however more or less a lot of hatred is learned, not natural.