Wifi is not as easy as the make it.
In the USA it is easy because the telephone company send or sets up a open WIFI for homes as part of DSL. Oops a new open system
However, I purchased a wifi finder.
It found them, but did not say,
- This one is unlocked-
IF I had a little Wifi Finder that told me, this is OPEN or UNlocked I could jump on hot spot easier. Presently I have to turn on my computer in the middle of the street or in the hotel to see if there is one.
IF there was a handheld I would walk in front of the hotel... I should blog this.

I was writing Ash, decided it would be a good idea to open this up and try to find this device.
IF I could walk into the lobby of a hotel or hostel, take a look in my new room. Open the little WIFI Finder, check to see if open, I could then make a decision to rent the room or not to rent the room on the availability of the Wifi.
In the room I am in presently the owner of the Hotel did not know they had WIFI in the room, I turned on the computer by accident and said,

I found it.

I CANNOT OPEN a computer in the lobby of hotels. I have a front backpack, a backpack and who cares what the hotel advertises that never works.


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