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Map of Lago de Atitlan

2006-03-10 08:57:00

Map of Lago Atitlan

I am in the smaller tourist staging city of Panajachel, Guatemala. The map interesting spells it Panachel and I am not sure the Santa Catarina to the right is maybe Santa Catalina. The letter R and the letter L are interchanged in languages very often. Names change a lot. The official language is Spanish; however, most of the locals and maybe most of the country speak various languages. I believe as I - Chisme - with the locals that - Cakchiquel - is the language used here in this area. The younger children are filling me in on all the details, as my Spanish is 10 times better than the last time I was here.

Words evolve and change; I have collected about eight ways to say popcorn in the Spanish language. I am not always talking the language I think is dominant.

Palamitas in Mexico
Poporopo in Guatemala
Popcorn in Panama and Peru
Pochoclos in Argentina.
Canguil in Ecuador
Pipoca in Venezueala
Crespitas in Colombia
Maiz de pira

Map of Lago de Atitlan