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Leaving Guatemala Soon

2006-03-31 19:29:00

Leaving Guatemala Soon

I am leaving Guatemala soon, it has been a great vacation from my endless vacation. I am happy to return to the chase, there is a rush I encounter when I enter a place I have never been. This is the addiction of travel, then new world I meet continually, it never ends, every I enter a new city or country there is thrill.

This room here in the Don Quijote Hotel or Posada has given me hope, that I can make my life easier. My website is growing, the page is becoming my boss, I must work more every year. However when the internet is in my room, I do less work because there is no setup time. I do not have to go to the internet, try to find a computer, spend money, take the time to configure the new computer to fit my needs. The bottom line is working on my own computer in my own room is efficient. Working in an internet cafe requires me to plan and be extremely organized.

Somehow when I try to create a nest, I keep adding more twigs to the nest, the same as any other person, I desire to live better... for the same amount of money.

Ok, I truly believe there is not much reason to live outside the USA unless I live in Hotel room for less than 10 dollars per day, there is nothing like feeling like a rich Hobo.

I fly tomorrow night from Guatemala to JFK Airport in New York USA, then rent a car, take a look at the hole that was the World Trade Towers and then drive to State College, Pennsylvania to visit some University Professors.

I explained to the Hotel owner and her daughter today how their Wireless connection to the internet worked, they did not know they had this in the hotel. They told me they had a webpage. Note, my room, number 8 is 13 dollars per night or 100 Quetzals.

This is a very beautiful page, however invisible to the search engines.