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JFK Airport April 10

JFK Airport April 10
Today is Thursday March 2, 2006

I am in Anguilla, I will somehow fly to the USA around April 1, however I am trying to have an exit strategy before I enter.

New York to Budapest 425 U.S.A. Dollars one-way.

The world is becoming simpler for me, I am so happy. I just booked my ticket from JFK Airport in New York, New York, USA to Budapest, Hungary. The world is a little complicated sometime; buying plane tickets in and out of the USA is one of my most difficult projects of travel. However slowly I am learning, this person Marshal at cut-rate travel is excellent, an air consolidators he has now helped me a few times to buy tickets.

Marshall the name of man at Cut Rate Travel
847-405-0575 USA telephone number

He is a machine, he is efficient, precise, and I do not have to deal with many silly I-do-not-understand questions. He only asks the essential questions. Can I get a better price, maybe I can save 00 U.S.A. dollars if I was in the USA, and could monitor the internet, had a mailing address, lived in New York city, had a way to get dropped off at the airport and many other problems to solve, however for sure Marshall is worth his weight in gold.

I am not always clear if he wants me to talk or blog about him, it is hard to say, he told me one time no problem, however many person do not always believe or realize that some persons want to spread the wealth. I only recommend people; I do not receive free anything from anyone.