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Jesus is the Answer

2006-03-08 04:59:00

Jesus is the Answer

I am thinking too much, I am sitting in the Princess Juliana Airport here in Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of this Island something or another country.

I have passed into no-mans land, I am not officially in St Martin / Sint Maarten anymore, I have cleared customs.

The local culture here in the Caribbean is killing me; I cannot stand to be here.

Ok, I walk up to buy a cup of coffee for 1.50, I am separating out my East Caribbean Coins from the now collected U.S.A. coins, I do no think the EC money will work here, however not important. I need to get rid of coins; they will be worthless to have in Guatemala. It is my custom to put a few coins, maybe small denominate paper money into a small plastic bag and save them in my computer bag. Upon returning to the USA in six months or so as is my normal out-or-country experience presently. I give them to Samantha, my niece a sweetheart with a heart of gold that seems to like to have them.

I separate the USA coins, have extra EC coins, too many to carry, I would guess about five USA Dollars worth of these coins. I pay with U.S. Coins for my 1.50 Coffee, and then take the Coins maybe 5 dollars put in the TIP bowl.

I think, that was a lot of money for TIP for a 1.50 Coffee from a woman that I had to wait five minutes to even come to the area to wait on me. She deserved nothing, however I am unloading coins. The use these coins in Anguilla, very close and easy to get money for really.

I sort of stall, thinking she will say
- Thank You -

No, she looks at me with the very common Caribbean
- You are annoying me look -

I say,
- Your welcome - as is my common response, trying to encourage the woman.

I take the maybe three U.S.A. coins and go to the expensive candy counter.
I stall again waiting for the fat woman to stop fiddling with something. I wait, then think, then wait, the finally I say,
- Excuse me Miss, how much for Snickers -
There are two sizes.

She ignores me.

I say,
- Miss how much for Snickers? -

She does not look up and says 4.50.
This is USA money.

I say,
Quite loud, 4.50 is a lot even for an airport.

She says,
- Jesus is not the answer -

I try my best to be patient, this woman is a big fat C#$%T.

I think to myself, I should not have said Jesus, she is right, however I say, excuse me God to myself, please forgive me. I then ask, big or small. There are two sized of Snickers, I think maybe the little one is cheaper. I need to get rid of this money. I do not want junk food; however, the airports are full of it.

OK, she looks at me, with a shut the Fork up look
I am pointing, I am saying,
- Snickers -

The lady is fat, stupid, and a pain, I am pointing, saying
- Snickers -
- SNNNickers -

I point, big or small.
She finally says,
2.75 and 1.50

I count the change, put on the counter, as she never stops in the one of the champion cases of no service. I leave on the counter, grab the small Snickers and walk away thinking.

YES, Jesus is the answer. Jesus to me or a good God represents GOOD. Maybe in a way I think GOOD instead of God, however I am feeling guilty. She was trying to make me feel guilty; she did the job, however she is still fat, stupid and a terrible example of the Caribbean and why I am leaving. I do not wish to save this culture, I wanted to enjoy it.

Under the Ten Commandments around the corner from them are some other semi-orders.
- Ask for forgiveness-
- Do not cause division among men -
- Bring things into the light -

Then of course to
- Love thy neighbor as yourself -
What this means to me is that I should put myself in her shoes, what would I want the young man to do? How would I treat him? In the end, it comes down to wanting and giving respect, being patient, understanding, not trying to hurt each other.

Therefore, I suppose it is mean spirited to go take photos of these people, then put them on the page, explain very clearly. I want the world, I have a dream, I believe in saying hello, please, thank you, excuse me, how are you, etc. I believe that manners are what separate us from the apes and dogs.

I have been in many cultures; I tried to empathize with the person. Here is a black person who had her ancestors grabbed from Africa, maybe by another tribe, maybe by the English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. Maybe the Arabs grabbed her great great great great grandfather and threw him on a boat.

Nonetheless, I am trying to figure out the culture. What is up with this culture, they have a big chip on their shoulder. Go to church, talk about God, put quotes on the wall, here is one I took a photo of on the side of the ferry boat from Anguilla to St Martin

Love thy neighbor as thyself. I continue to walk up to person with no respect for anything, say please, thank you, hello. It does slowly melt them.

Constructive criticism, not an easy thing to give, and not wanted. A person cannot walk up to a person and say in my mind.
- Yes Jesus is the Answer, or good is the answer.-

Maybe there is some nice, understanding young person out there somewhere in the Caribbean that will think, read this, say to themselves.
- I should have manners -
It does show how I respect God, encourage his mother, father, family to try to see this. Many cultures are on the primitive side, the Caribbean is very primitive, primitive is not about money. It is more about how we treat each other; the USA is becoming more primitive as time goes on, not less.

I wanted Colin Powell, and still want Colin Powell to run for president, he is an example of a man I want be like. I do not care what color a person is, I still do encourage manners. The Caribbean thing is a culture or race of persons that have lost their African Culture. I remember a very embarrassing moment in the Village of Niger on the way to a place where people were dying of Malnutrition. A Chief of a village, more or less forced me to go put my muddy feet under a pump. He then cleaned my shoes. I am feeling this is not right, I am afraid of him. He is a black man; he may think I am trying to make him do this. My friend another black man looks at me and says in English, you have to let him or he will be insulted.

Slavery robbed the black people in the Americas of their culture. It removed the decency of Africa; it instilled an animal mentality of survival. I have been in many cultures, I have been in very few where they had or developed a completely new culture. Sadly, an American (USA) company, MTV and Hollywood is glamorizing violence, bad manners; the world is not a better place because of these USA companies.

Anything for money let them make their choice. I do not agree, it is against another creed or idea, to not cause division among man.

Rasta - This religion empowers the black culture. On the other hand it has at it roots the belief that white man is bad. This is not good, the pendulum swings many directions, and hopefully the pendulum will and in a world of equality. However, I do not expect to be treated with anything but respect. I will and do expect respect, and I give respect.

To not talk admit what I think is to not have respect, I would treat anyone in Indiana the same, expect the same I treat the world the same.

I took the photo above because it is good.