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Humming Bird Photos

2006-03-09 09:35:00

Humming Bird Photos

What can a person say, I am happy again, the life in Guatemala is so much better than that - I hate you - attitude of the Caribbean.

I walked yesterday to the door or my hotel for 10 Dollars; I am paying 5 more than needed to be in the center of my world I want.

The colors below are to the right, I lean on the doorjamb, looking at the people walk by. The girl mopping the restaurant to my left and behind me, say,
- Como Estas? -

She does not want to sell me something, she wants to be friendly.
It was a good day.

Bright colors, I do rate a person by the colors they wear and the smile on their face, I consider social ranking to be about the feeling I get, the smile on the face and the happy colors for clothing. Hard to get a warm fuzzy feeling about a man with a tie.

The Guatemala girls is the beginning, I am sure I can capture the wonderful children of Guatemala now with my new camera and my great 12 X zoom, thank you Sony. A photo is a strange thing, I suppose I do like to share the feeling, it would be nice to can the feeling, the moment, the sight, the thoughts in a package and deliver it with a photo.