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How to fix my computer when traveling

2006-03-13 08:37:00

How to fix my computer when traveling

I am trying to learn how to fix my computer when traveling; it is very annoying to think how badly the world empathizes with the persons (me) on the other side of the planet.

I get the job done because I am insanely logical and at the same practice a level of conservative behavior, that makes working outside my native language of English possible.

90 percent solution problem, I have this Adware Virus on my computer, I was sent the solution, however it assumes I understand DOS or computer commands. I do, I do understand DOS, however not 100 percent, the same as most technical staff I meet, probably better because of my insane high level of mechanical comprehension.

However, this insane high level of mechanical, algorithmic, chain of event process analysis also sees danger, where another person does not see the danger. I see ways of making a possible mistake that would make my computer not possible to use until I find a person in English, that I trust, that maybe is capable, that maybe is responsible to help me fix it.

Andrew my one techie in India could fix my computer, however he is not capable of explaining how to fix my computer by email. It is impossible for him to tell me a step-by-step, nothing left out, keystroke only explanation of what exactly, nothing left out explanation.

Solution: PC Anywhere
I believe there is a program called PC Anywhere, which allows a person in another location to create a master and slave situation, where the master or my techie in India could run my computer with a good connection from India to wherever I am located.

I do not in this second have an internet connection; I am also not willing to spend hours to fix an annoyance, not a problem of extreme magnitude. I have found it takes a lot to get me annoyed, mostly about people who are evil hearted, they will annoy me and I will do anything to separate myself.

Note; do not allow some techie in some strange country to touch your computer, working in an internet caf´┐Ż does not mean they know anything about computers. It is low pay, know very little job, not a sign of computer expertise. Mostly likely they like to chat all day on the computer, monitoring extremely low-level computer ability persons working on the internet would drive a true technical person crazy.

Note the adware virus is becoming a problem because I now am using the computer with a connection about 20 percent of the time as before it was maybe 2 percent.

How to fix my computer when traveling