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Hotel Prejudice

Hotel Prejudice

I just realized, I am prejudice against expensive hotels and prejudice for cheaper hotels. This is irrational or maybe it is not irrational, I guess what I want is a room for a good value. I normally would pay about 5 Dollars per night for the Hotel here in Anguilla called the Casa Nadine�s, the one I am going to in St Martin would be the same price, this one is probably better as it has a way to do laundry, grocery close, and a kitchen to cook. The one in St Martins is just a room.

I want a good value, hard to believe I am getting a good value when the price goes above 35 dollars per night U.S.

I was in real estate, which is around 1000 dollars per month for a room. I rented whole houses for this amount of money, actually for around 500 U.S. To get this much money, 35 dollars per night is a windfall.

I see the opposite all the time, persons thinking my room is bad, because I did not pay much.