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Hobo goes to JFK New York April 2 2006

2006-03-20 07:59:00

Hobo goes to JFK New York April 2 2006

Today is March 20, 2006, however on Sunday April 2, 2006, I will arrive in JFK Airport in New York. I will stay in the USA for about 8 days, I have to be very careful this year on how long I spend in the USA....

I will rent a car and drive to Penn State, hopefully I will get to see the location of the September 11 World Trade Center disaster in New York, I do not know New York, I have not been to New York, I am going to the USA to do some type of research on the Malnutrition or stopping Malnutrition project I am working on in Niger... Hehehe. someone call Oprah Winfrey and tell her to email me, I could use her help.

TAXES --- I have went over the lowest mark of 6000 or something where I do not pay taxes and now I have discovered I do not need to pay taxes if I am NOT in the country for more than 30 days a year. I can earn up to 85,000 or close to that number and not pay taxes.