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Guatemala Girl Photos

2006-03-10 08:59:00

Guatemala Girl Photos

This is an eight year old girls, she speaks both Spanish and her native language of Cakchiquel. It is easy to have these humorous, educational talks with the local people because they like to play and sell at the same time. This girl is maybe working me hard to convince me to pay five Quetzals for what I think sells for one Quetzal, a little yarn wrist bracelet. I finally cannot be hard, she is too good, I purchase one for three Quetzals.

I sit around and asked here where she lives, I am understanding she lives in Santa Catarina or Catalina. I have done some research and think it is a three Quetzal Pickup ride from here as these two boys explained later. Well, somehow she arrives in Pana to work the tourist, cute us to death, and extract money. There is a story she told me, however I cannot verify or corroborate, that she has to pay 30 Quetzals per week to go to some special school. However last night or sometime here farther got Barracho (Drunk) spent the money.

Now, I have been told the best stories on the planet by the best on the planet, however just in case the story was true, I gave her 30 Quetzals. Now, not a good option, normally these children learn how to work the tourist and learn that it pays to lie. I made promise to - Diga ala Dios Gracias, y promida que no diga nadie. -

- Say to God Thank you and promise to tell no one. -

Not as simple as all this, however more or less. (Ma o Meno - Very bad Spanish as learned by me in Caucasia Colombia)

I am intrigued to understand the economics of the value of what is sitting on her head, nothing is simple, and there are many layers to understanding another culture.

She is cute, worked on my heartstring to the highest degree, it precious in all ways. I was getting a close up look at here face as she talked, hard to say where them lips came or how this is mixed up. She is a long down the line blood group of the Mayans, hard to disseminate how or where and the traveler and research gossip is abound.

I am going with Marcos and another boy to the Village of Santa Catalina today, on a - Pickup - they say that is the word in the Cakchiquel and in Spanish, I am sure it Camineta or something like that. The bleeding or words back and forth are fantastic to learn, truly a great cultural experience. This can be truly the worst place to learn Spanish and the best on the planet. I think maybe Colombia is the best.

Manuela I believe is her name, she best be careful of her stories when I arrive in Santa Catalina with my two talkative guides, a.k.a. Boys.

There were two boys flirting with here while she discussed the world with me, they were working hard also, but in the normal picking on the girl way of boys of eight. She said they hit her, I told them if they were trying to flirt by hitting, this is not good. The got instantly embarrassed and I said to them, if she tell me, I PEGA.

Life was exceptionally good yesterday, however life is always good.

Guatemala Girl Photos