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Ferry from Anguilla to Sint Maarten St Martin

Ferry from Anguilla to Sint Maarten St Martin

IF I go from Anguilla I guess I arrive at the French side or Sint Maarten from this pier or ferry jetty, dock, etc whatever you call it, is maybe a boat to St Barts another Frenchie Island and supposed to be one of the most expensive Islands in the Caribbean.

There is supposed to be a one dollar, probably U.S. dollar bus that is just away from the pier where I will arrive in Sint Maarten that will go to Philipsburg on the Dutch side. This dock is supposed to have a boat to Saba.

The LP or Lonely Planet has a conflict; it shows my ferry going to Marigot on the French side or the Sint Maarten side. Then it shows a little dotted line going to Saba or a ferry going to this Island. Plus from the same dock there is one to St Barts or whatever you call the place, St Baths, Saint Barts, etc.

This is a recon mission, my goal is to look for Guesthouses on the Island, whereby I can stage my travel or airplane trips to the USA or maybe Saba, Statia, St Barts or maybe Antigua. I want to stay on the Island; however, I hate to give up a good Guesthouse just to be on a tourist Island. I have to weigh my wants, I like the culture around me here, and I have learned more about the history and culture of the Caribbean here with Hutson at Casa Nadines than anywhere else in the Caribe. However, for sure the Island of Sint Maarten is better for boats and planes. It is maybe a gate in and out of the Caribbean. The ferry is supposed to take 18 minutes, a fast or short trip.

Hutson and the LP do not agree or do not seem to agree, this is interesting in itself, a local, responsible Hutson can or maybe will know more than the LP, however he probably has never been to Saba or Statia and I doubt St Barts. Therefore, he may or may not know, however he is a responsible man, therefore hard to say.

This is a great example of a before I leave blog post, I have before, during and after type post. There is incongruence between the posts, only after the trip is anything clear.