Fava or Haba Bean

Fava or Haba Bean - Antigua Guatemala

There is this bean, I have seen many times around the world. I am not sure where it originates however, it is normal in some countries. I for sure have eaten them in Thailand.

Food in my opinion or crops grown dramatically change over time. The world passes around crops and now I would never assume any food grown are native to the country.

This is a close-up of the Fava or Haba bean in Span terms, I do not know the name in English terms. I like these things, I thing they deep-fry them, however I am often debating whether to eat or not eat the little thin husk. I do both.

I purchased a small bag in the store for roughly one USA dollar, they removed the husk. I purchased in the market about 4 time the amount with the husk or cascas for 50 cents U.S. or 3 Quetzals here in Antigua Guatemala.

That is my new plate, I purchased two because normally it is nice to be prepared for friends. One place cost me about 25 cents U.S. I have been looking for the type of plastic that does not break for awhile. Since I am worried about my health, I cook more in my room as it is the only positive way to eat correctly.

Fava or Haba Bean

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