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Cell Phone Travel Problems

2006-03-12 09:00:00

Cell Phone Travel Problems

I am having the never-ending list of cell phone problems. The biggest problem is reception is bad because the world has concrete rooms. The next is the distance from the cell tower.

The biggest problem though it figuring out all these small rules before I leave for the next country. I am using a Tigo cell phone system in Guatemala; I did a couple of test phone calls to my parents. Now I am trying to make a call, and it shows me no signal. Very frustrating, I turned on and off the phone, went out on the balcony, however no signal presently. I am fortunate the location where I purchased the SIM card is close.

The difference between me and most people who have cell phone is this, I do not want to use the phone, I do not use the phone, I do not learn all the problems quickly because I do not want to use or have this phone. It has become a necessity because nobody in the USA picks up the phone; I must have them return a call. Voice mail is not a form of communication that is functional, it is dysfunctional in nature.

Most people that have cell phones are not moving from country to country or are willing to pay the 5 dollar per minute charge of a contract rate.

I am using the cell phone as a way for people to call me back; I am now going to try the Skype system if I can find a headset to purchase. I will do a call over Skype, and then ask them to call me back. IF you live in a five star hotel, the call back number is not a problem, presently most hotels under I have lived in, and including all the Caribbean ones for 50 dollars would not be the answer for receiving telephone calls.

I need a telephone in my room, this is not a normal thing to be in my room, the D and D Hotel on Khao San Road had this for about 12 U.S. per night and a swimming pool on top. Internet Caf´┐Ż in the Hotel, not in the room.

Next after I figure out how to have a number, then I have to make it a no-brainer for the person in the USA to call me. I have to give them the exact number, totally empathize with them, give them the whole number including all the country codes, etc, and then somehow check to make sure it works. Checking is the big problem; I have to have someone in the USA that can figure out how to make it work. Diligent to call the international operators. I am amazed at what stops the average person.

Cell Phone Travel Problems