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Caribbean Electric

Caribbean Electric

Sunday March 5, 2006, 11:29 AM
St Martin / Sint Maarten

The Caribbean Electricity is a lottery, maybe lucky for most travelers there is not real Island Hopping happening, maybe in the real of Island Hopping with Yachts, or sailboats. The electricity is alarming; I have a couple of ways of figuring out the electricity, not extremely conclusive, however good enough for my needs. Everything I own works on both 220 and 110, however sometime slower with 110. I carry a long light that clips on my bed for a reading light, the 220 Light bulbs work in 110 badly and I think a 110 will work for a very short time then go POP. I just had a POP in my room, the light burns, the circuit breaker broke, and I had no electricity. All the Electricity in the room including the Air Conditioning is one circuit I now knows for sure, as all went off, I reset the breaker and all is good.


1. Converters that could be a danger because of the type of electricity coming out of them as they drop the electricity from 220 to 110.

2. Lottery of plugs, there is no way to tell what electricity you are using by looking at the electrical outlet. IF you have a 110 device, you would need to test every plug. No clear way to know, best option, do not bring any 110 devices.

Most cameras, cells, and computers work both ways.

Read this on the back of the little box on the computer, cell, or camera charger. It should say something like 110-240. NOTE: IF you do not understand, you are not sure; you cannot make up your mind. Do NOT plug in your device, have an expert check or tell you if you can use both ways.  Beware of this advice; I am not an electrical expert.