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Buying Plane Tickets

2006-03-16 08:43:00

Buying Plane Tickets

I work on my web site daily in a way, not the way probably most of my readers think, I believe they think writing is the work I do, however that is only about 1 percent of the work I do on my web site and the rest is sort of drudgery type entering of data.

I am always arguing with myself,
- Andy, why don�t you go for the big money?-
I shake and shimmer, I feel weak.
- Ok, I know Andy that the big money is in Hotel Reservations and Plane Tickets-
Then I say,
- I know, but these sites make me sick -
- Why -
- You know why, because they only want money, they do not care how they make the money? -
- I know, but this is where the big money is at -

- Andy you know as well as anyone, that people are spontaneous buyers, and will buy anything that is package good. It is your buy the cereal packaging theory of marketing. I have heard you talk about it a hundred times. People buy the packaging not the person. You know that is why you are on a diet all the time.-

- I know, but I feel too cynical, I know people for the most part make some really stupid hotel reservations and especially on plane tickets. I want to hide when someone tells me the price they paid for a plane ticket. Or when they want to say what a good travel agent they have -

- Andy, the big money is in plane ticket and hotel reservations -

- But, I would not buy from my own site -
- Therefore, I am having a moral problem -
---- AAAGH you are too much of a purist, a goody two shoes, it is their choice, you are not responsible for what they do.-
- You are just providing a service -

I am thinking too much, it drives me crazy, I am trying to figure out a way to sell plane tickets, hotel reservations, get help by a travel agent. But I want a checks and balances system to know for sure, absolutely these are the best prices available.

I give one of these sites that will do this an inch and they take a mile. It is so annoying, now I am getting offers from websites wanting to advertise. I would never use them, yet they want me to put their advertisements on my site. I know for sure the readers are clicking and making bad decisions many times.

What the big problem is people buy a price, they are snobs. I am living in a 10-dollar hotel that would be a 50-dollar hotel in the USA or more, it is in the center of the tourist area. I lived in bad rooms in the Caribbean for 50 dollars. I am used to living pretty well, not in slums or at least not in expensive slums.

Buyers of Hotel think paying a lot is a solution, this is so very stupid. Like living in an expensive jail that will not allow you to see the country, you came to visit. I guess I know, that is not what people want to do, they do not want to really live or meet the people of a country. They want to live in their home, however have it suddenly in another country. Then they can have some guide protect, hold, cuddle, and keep them safe. They are such chicken S$^ts.

Fear of making a bad decision; therefore pay a lot that is the belief. Nothing smart about paying a lot for a bad room, in fact to me, this is the height of stupidity.

I get the feeling the internet is becoming the way to really gouge person, they stopped relying on the travel agent, now they are really making some whopper bad decisions. A good travel agent is worth their weight in gold. However, a bad one is so easy to find you have to ask the price of 50 to find one.

How to make a page that sells plane tickets or hotel reservations cheap, good, and give true advice, how to stop the spammers from lying on reviews. I will figure it out, I definitely need this site for myself to use. I have a person, me waiting to use the site.

Buying Plane Tickets