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Brave New World

2006-03-26 08:02:00

Brave New World

I keep getting this thought, it invades my mind, I am not sure why, I do not believe I have ever read this book

By Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

This book appears to be online to read:

To me this alludes to the idea of what the future will bring or has brought.

I am in many tourist areas on the planet, the tourist bubble is not a normal culture, however it is a representation of something. What, I am not sure, however I am speculating it does represent the big city, the faceless word where people pass and try not to notice you.

The - Brave New World - I suspect is a world where every person on the planet reads daily about danger. They believe this noise, then enter the world, proceed to be afraid to look, see, acknowledge or interact with anyone they do not know.

How do you meet the new person, I truly hope it not only on the influence of Alcohol.

Nonetheless my instincts are telling me the friendly say hello world of Guatemala has been or is being changed quickly. They watch TV also� the news is about danger, never about how the planet is becoming so safe it is boring.

The developing nations are learning to be afraid of people, the - Brave New Word - may be a place where we never say,
- Hello, how are you today -
- Hola, Como Estas -

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.

The world is a very safe place, it takes some real work to find a good dodgy place to hang around and watch people. Maybe a good border town is the best it gets.

Say hello to someone today, they are safe.

Brave New World