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Boss Captain Sir

Boss Captain Sir

I am trying to understand why labor-working people in some countries call me Boss or Captain, the Sir makes sense, and then Mister is annoying. In the country of India as well as here in the Caribbean, the locals will say hello in a manner more or less like,
- Hey Boss - or
- Hey Captain -

I am going into the French area of St Martin to live, it will be interesting to here what they say, if one uses a word like that in French, maybe the word - Patron, - I know they use the word Patron in Spanish when I am in Central or South America; it is more or less the substitute for owner.

The relationships between people, although in the USA is trying to be, pretending to be the same is constantly being defined. First Class seat on planes, Five Star Hotels, CEO, Mr. Jones, Sir, Ms or Mrs., Mr., all the various titles. A Medical doctor can be quite angry if you do not say, Dr Jones, or Doctor Jones, or Professor Jones.

When I taught English in Peru, it was impossible to live with a person if I told them I was teaching, they would call me - Maestro. - this means teacher in Spanish.

I was looking or trying to look up the names for slave master or the straw bosses that would run a plantation. Words are part of the culture, it defines the culture. Food is also a defining part of culture. I can learn more about where a person originally came from by their foods and words than by what the person knows about their origins. Facial structure, eyes, length of chin, nose, color or hair is all clues to me of the ancestry of the persons. Height is good to, color of skin; the USA person for some reason has a browner color to the skin than the European.

The way a person walks is a sure method of knowing the country. I was watching the French on the Island of St Martin walk yesterday, the style is smooth, does not bounce up and down.

Here is a monument or Memorial next to the Cable and Wireless or close to the Cable and Wireless telephone office in Anguilla. A memorial to Princess Diana the girl that was killed in a car accident.

This is serious stuff to me; I think Princess Diana is a good person, not quite up there with Sister Theresa that died at the same time. However, here is a person that is by title or the title to me says, I am - Culturally Superior - to you. I am the princess, I wonder what person would say if a person wanted to be called - KING -. We are in the wrong country, Anguilla to be doing this type of memorial crap to a Princess; to me I would feel it is a slap in the face to the demographics of the Island of Anguilla.