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Blogging Photos or Word

2006-03-11 08:37:00

Blogging Photos or Word

I muse, dwell, and vacillate on many issues about my travels. I am writing or thinking about tips on how to blog, I addressed in a tip in my last newsletter about why I believe people blog. It made me realize I am in a personal quandary all the time about why I myself blog.
I admit that I started to write newsletters, make web pages, and all the other great messes I have created only to earn money to live and travel. It was not a noble cause; it was a personal need to earn money to live. I am fortunate that I am in a way a purist that always has believed that honesty is the best policy. I believe that a business that is 100 percent honest in their endeavors will thrive in the end. This to me means that a business must not try to confuse people into allowing them to make money. The word of the day is transparency, I believe, it must be easy to see what is happening.

The internet is full of fraud type site, many of what the world would call the most credible Travel Magazines and Travel Websites to me are scams. Only large advertisements drape in a fa�ade of pretty pictures and words. I have been to many of the locations whereby the writer wrote about or the photos were taken.

Yes, the photos do exist, yes you could write about this location in this manner, however is it true. Not in my view, there is a tremendous need for readers to take great care or they can be sold down the proverbial path to spending good money towards a bad idea.

On the other hand, I do think readers have a preconceived idea or dream, and then they go out searching for someone to tell them they are correct. I can feel this easily in comments and people writing. They are deeply angry and annoyed if I do not say nice things about where they want to visit. It even become more dramatic and sometimes they send hate mail if I say something about where they live. I truly believe the truth will make a person angrier than a lie.

Nevertheless, in the end I am thinking about putting up more photos and then commenting on photos more, this way I stay with the program and the plot. I can for sure ramble of on some tangent and I enjoy this, however as I can often tell, too many word and my mother is not happy� She is my most devoted reader; I am sure my father like the photos more than the words; however, in the end the world wants entertained.

This is good, life is to be enjoyed, life is good, not to be abused by trying to force someone to think too much or to make him or her deal with problems.

So this blog is about my thoughts, I am going to try to place more photos with comments below them.

The problem is this, very easy to put words on a blog, putting photos on a blog is a three-part process. I work offline, I do not work online, easier if I worked 100 percent online, then I could be sure all the photos connected and could be seen.

Whatever, I could talk I am sure for 8 hours explaining the step by step process that has to happens for me to put photos on a blog DAILY. I do all of this in about  20 minutes and I would bet large sums of money that I do it 20 times faster than almost any person with a travel blog.. Hehehe

It is fun, however time consuming, the idea is to transfer what I feel, see; think to a journal in a clear and concise manner. In the end, photos do say more than words. On the other hand as many can see a journalist, which I am not, can and does misuse photos and word to create a story that is not the true story. I continually have lower opinions of writers as time goes on; it is as if they enjoy lying to earn money.

Oh well, I am grateful to the good Gods of the planet that I am self-sufficient, probably should and could afford health insurance. I am not as ugly as many persons my age and many other small and great wishes. Hobo has traveled from place to place looking for jobs and has continued to find a job. I am not a bum, I am a Hobo.