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Arrival St Martin

Arrival St Martin

Sunday March 5, 2006, 9:26 AM

I am now in the Cigalon Hotel, not sure what the difference is between a Guesthouse and a Hotel other than I normally have to pay more. This place is quaint, shade by a pergola on the front, draped with Grape Vines. A French place, I am waiting to check in or more or less have the rooms cleaned so I can enter at Onze - 11:00 in the morning.

French is the language, the place is nice, I am not sure I wish to pay to stay here long, the price is 51 U.S. Dollars per night, however I was not able to find a cheaper place walking around the other day for four hours. The Mom and Pop environment is nice, the man or husband, a.k.a Pop is ironing the clothes here in the reception area, while watching some futball on TV. Assumptions, I turned around to check, he is watching Basketball, oops still wrong, it looks like a basketball court, however they are playing some type of hand throw soccer. The are running, passing the ball, the size of a volleyball, then trying to throw at a goal similar to a soccer goal, maybe more the size of a Hockey goal.

It is loud enough, I know he can hear.

First impressions of the Marigot is the smell of beer, last night was Saturday, there is what appears to be after beer war zone situation here. Smells or beer are everywhere, however the streets are empty. Clean, organizes, minimal amounts of drunk bums hanging around, the day is starting.

I would say so far, St Martin Island is the party Island of the Caribbean, this is my first feelings. I do not know, too many Islands on the list to visit yet to say yet. However for sure there is more here than any other. They may have taken the chip on your shoulder, ex-slave, ex-who-cares mentality down here in the French Part of Marigot.

Marigot is the City area, or something called this area. I was reading on a tourism sign and it means something to do with Ponds and Swamps in the French Language.

Nice place, they use Euros and Dollars, I want to check my guidebook and see what is the money they recommend. I will also take money from the ATM Bank Machine to see if they offer the choice of both Euros and Dollars. The primary money is Euros as the prices are in Euros on all the posted prices. Euros, however they convert fast, I may get a discount as they seem to not compute when for one euro, they took one dollar for a croissant. I am in the land of Baguettes, the best part about the French colonizing a country the bring bread. Cheaper bread, however I have only seen the extra-large size baguette so far, and not the half yard variety. I do no need to eat a yard of bread or maybe a meter here in the Frenchie world of St Martin.

Balconies, another good part about French colonization. The have not let up their hold here in St Martin, that may be good for me, not so good maybe for the locals. I am here for fun, I can smell a beach close with Bikinis of proper percentages. At least a good representation for the Caribbean, the Caribbean so far is one of the worst places on the planet to go to the beach and girl watch. I am hoping they have a good final demonstration of talent.

I am confused on Immigration, they did not appear to stamp the passport, I do not believe the Immigration guy spoke English. However the lady on the exit booth in Anguilla asked me where I was staying in St Martin and I think wrote it down. However the man in the immigration said something like with that passport, no problem. I am going to try again or get some clarification on the passport, I want to go to Saba, St Barts ,Statia etc, I want a clear in and out passport explanation, do not like to play games with entrance and exit stamps.