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Anguilla Hotel

Anguilla Hotel
Thursday March 2, 2006

I just stopped in to the Auguilla Tourism office.
Not a friendly place.

The world would be a better place if they were friendly, if this office is not friendly, then were do I go from here.

I almost never stop into the tourism office any country I would visit. The reasons are varied, I stopped at a Tourist Information booth in Barbados and it was really a Time-Share sales office. To visit a tourism office or the Anguilla Tourist Board or the Anguilla Tourism offices I have about two major ways of finding them, the Lonely Planet will normally list the tourism Offices or the Anguilla Tourism offices or the Anguilla Tourist Board in their guidebook. Of course the next way it to search on the internet.

This normally can be a possible problem, people similar to me, that have web pages know how to more or less hook persons into an idea that we are a tourism office. I do not do this, however I am collecting all the Tourism Board Office on the planet presently and hope to write them all if possible.

We have a project, collect all the Hotels on the planet and anywhere else a person would sleep, a very large project. Thence in this project, it behooves me to stop into an office I really have no desire to enter.

Anguilla Tourism
I have had research done that tells me what people search for in reference to a country. I can see that Anguila Tourism receives about 119 search requests per month, and Auguilla Tourist Board receives about 74.

I am collecting the Hotel information, therefore a person could see why there are so many hotel-booking sites on the net, and this gets about 1231 searches per month for Anguilla Hotel. The Anguilla Hotel search is interesting, it gets only about 1231, however some 54,305 person type in just the word Anguilla.

The Hotel industry normally has a very large stake in promotion or convincing the government to promote the country, therefore they do not have to pay for the advertisement. Then they try to arrange for their Anguilla Hotel to be in all the brochures. It is good for the country and good for the hotel, however in the end, if there is justice the tax money comes from the hotels to pay to promote Anguilla Hotels by way of an Anguilla Tourism Office or Anguilla Tourist board.

I am having fun learning about my website; it is like this, the word Anguilla Hotel up there, I am sure many companies are interested in the phrase.

However, the question is this, will a Hotel Owner search for the site, click on this link, and attempt to learn about information gathering.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is the Anguilla Tourism office is Caribbean rude normal, I keep trying to understand, I keep hoping the more I would pay in life the friendlier the world would become. Not in the Tourist office, I picked up the brochure, took some photos the other day.

Even though I do not stop into these offices, it is the one of the first impressions offered by a country, Anguilla gets a D-, it would get and F if it was closed and hard to find as many are.

It make my project so difficult to do, when what should be a great source of information is so difficult to use, she just pointed at the brochure, I asked about digital information, she says no. I asked for the manager and she said she was the manager. Chip on her shoulder as one of my friends explained.

This page was made to get the attention of a Hotel Owner.


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Anguilla Hotel