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Anguilla Departure

Anguilla Departure
Sunday March 5, 2006

I am leaving Anguilla today for St Martin, I am sad in many ways. It is one of the first places I have like I had a home in the last month. This is maybe the only good place I have enjoyed since leaving the Platypus Bogota in Colombia. Most of the hotels I felt like just a number or they did not want me there, they just wanted the U.S. Dollars to stay, even though some were friendly, hard to say warm and friendly.

The Valley here in Anguilla is a family area, a home area; it is not a tourist area. I could have felt warm and huggy in the Leslie Kingstown SVG guesthouse if the place was not so noisy, and the one neighbor smoked so much pot. However, still not the warm and fun place, as is Casa Nadine�s.

It is also the 20 Dollars U.S. to stay here, I had to pay some 65 EC to live in the Leslie or Julies on Beaquia; this makes me want to move as it is too much to pay for one of these hotels. I guess 26 U.S. that is not so bad, however more than I want to pay. It is the paying dollars also, makes it feel less. I would say Julies was good on Bequia, however none of the staff every spoke with me or pay attention. I had some friends; however, the local community was not so fun.

I guess Hutson the owners of the Casa Nadines is making my day here, the place is work here, I have to walk one mile just to get to the beach or the valley city of sorts, the library where there is internet. I do have an endless supply of English books for one EC each in the library to buy.