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Anguilla Country Club

Anguilla Country Club

I am still here at what I have formulated in my mind as the country club Island of the Caribbean. Across the street from me in a Restaurant called the Koal Keel they the play Bridge I believe on some morning. It is humorous to sit inside the workers quarters (Joke) of the Casa Nadine�s and see all the white folk roll into to sit around tables. This also happens every night as the try to be fine dining looks like it happens. I keep hoping there arrive the younger daughters so I could go over to the bar and snuggle up close to the bar and talk. However the age set seem strictly old school country club, not much on any nouveau rich young, jet setters to me.

I am making a joke, I have no idea how these people made their money, however Anguilla is not to me a party island. This is great for me, because I do not drink and it helps me avoid the annoying tourist group, Bob Marley, Smoke-a-joint, wanna be rich, however not rich tourist groups that are roaming the Caribbean looking to be or do something seen on TV.

There is maybe around 12,000 people on the Island, it is difficult to know for sure, I have no idea how these people pay their bills in Hurricane season. The whole Caribbean seems to be having a Katrina Hurricane induces fear, the world is full of Hurricanes, this year there will be another Hurricane mentality. This may really hurt the tourism if it does exist during this time of year.

Country Club, they have a golf course here also, I was reading in a newspaper I purchased for two EC - East Caribbean Dollars called - The Anguillian-  that the Anguillian Golf Association had a meeting, some 25 persons showed up, I would hate to think what the green fees are on this island. Whatever the case it is a big contrast to see the photos of the people in the Anguillian Golf Association juxtaposed  to the Blanchard Boys being presented a check by Stephanie Brooks who works for the Cell Phone company of Digicel.

The Blanchard Boys organized the reggae group by the name off - Morgan Heritage - to play soon in I guess on the island of Anguilla.

I have read this article four times trying to figure out what they are inferring, because they did not just come out and explain. I thought I would just type this in and would be simple.

I think, I am not positive.
The Blanchard Boys - two younger men organized a show.
Digicel I am 99 percent sure of is a cell company that competes with Wireless and Cable or Bmobile, the one I have sponsored the event or reggae show.

-  world�s hottest reggae group Morgan Heritage -

This is one of them articles you have to know some background to understand, I guess the I am confused with the word heritage, as it seems to speak of history, so I keep focusing on the idea of history.

Morgan Heritage seems to be the reggae group on tour called the - 2006 Full Circle Tour -

The groups sings songs by the name of
- Tell Me How Come -
- Girls from Around the World -

The show will be on Easter Weekend on the specific date of April 16, 2006.

Understanding is a difficult proposition in my mind,

Thanks for 110 Electricity and not 220 or my the water I am heating for a shower, while I typed would be boiling as I focused very hard on the article and forgot the water was heating.

Reggae organizers and on the next page is the Golf Association. Tiger Woods is going to have some competition coming from this island with all the new millionaires arriving from selling off large tracts of land to rich people from the USA or United Kingdom.

- Researcher Wander -

 U.S. horse for hunting: a black, bay, brown, or chestnut horse with a full mane and tail, short deep body, and slender legs, belonging to a U.S. breed popular for hunting, jumping, and recreation

city in southeastern Louisiana, on the Intracoastal Waterway, west of Houma and south of Baton Rouge.
Population: 12,703 (2000)

The Miracle of Morgan�s Creek, motion picture about a young woman who marries a soldier but cannot remember him or the wedding because she was drunk at the time.

- Morgan, Sir Henry (1635?-1688), Welsh buccaneer, born in Llanrhymny. He is said to have been kidnapped at Bristol when a boy and sold as a servant on the West Indian island of Barbados. After a time he worked his way to Jamaica, where he joined the buccaneers, adventurers who preyed on Spanish settlements and shipping; by 1666 he was in command of his own vessel. Commissioned by the governor of Jamaica to carry on hostilities against the Spanish, Morgan captured and sacked settlements in Cuba, Panama, and Venezuela. He was brought to England in 1672 to be tried for plundering Panama City after a treaty had been signed between England and Spain. Convinced of his loyalty, King Charles II knighted Morgan and appointed him lieutenant governor of Jamaica. - (2)

Maybe, I hope, the groups is named after a Pirate by the name of Morgan who as I read about in the book by the name of - Caribbean - by James A. Michener. This book gave or presented a interesting historical background of the Caribbean. This is the History I am sad is missing or lacking in my travels.

Slavery, almost the only persons on these islands to start.
Pirates,  groups of men in ships or the first yact cruisers of the island groups.
Forts, Boats, Ships of early transportation.
Indentured servants brought from India.
Spices, foods, agro-tourism, cotton, tobacco, etc.

Too much on how to be rich, wanna be rich, wanna look rich, I can find the sagging mentality of the Golf Club Association, I can find the sloppy hair look of the Rasta world, however the essential, history is difficult to understand.

There is this Aguillian Trust, I think it is a trust to preserve historical buildings, I have been walking around, I found one of them. I am in the Historical part or some part of the Valley called or near Crocus bay. I am trying to take photos of some real interesting wood building with various water capturing apparatus on them, plus interesting windows that help fight the storms. A little higher built up maybe, they seem to have some form of crawl space, or they are sometimes elevated. I am trying to surmise which ones are old and which ones are newer from their design, location, etc, I suppose maybe if I go into this trust building I can figure it out, maybe the person in there will not give me the same reception as the not so friendly tourism board office. I really do not like this chip on shoulder mentality when all I am doing is trying to learn about the countries of the Caribbean. It makes me want to leave.

Pirates of the Caribbean Movie with Johnny Depp was made or parts were filmed in SVG, St Vincent and the Grenadines, or in the city of Kingstown, it should have been a wake up call for the Caribbean to see there is more than just wanna be rich life to sell.