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Walking in Grenada

2006-02-10 09:09:00

Walking in Grenada

Thursday February 9, 2006, 7:47 PM

I just returned from walking down by the bay in the center of the city of St George, Grenada, interestingly quiet. Many boat, both small fishing boats, large container ships, and a few midrange type ships are now tied off along the sidewalk on this bay. Nothing is happening, mostly just person sitting, some with a bottle, a few couples, one interesting man has a computer in front of some government like office, where it looks like he is trying to use the internet from a wireless connection. I am not sure what he is doing, however he is standing a very strange location with a computers.

There is some restaurant - Tout Babay - or something and it has a few couples, a few older looking men, maybe they are owners of the few sailboats in the harbor. I saw very little happening, however in front of the Mitchell Guesthouse some drunken girl has started talking, she is funny, most everyone looks harmless, and however I am sure a few person could get nervous with the assorted crowd of normals and abnormals hanging around.

It appears I need to do my stop at the exact same locations, say hello to the exact same person routine to break into some friendships with the locals Many person are friendly after I say hello first, however more of a - hey buddy- type hello, not a stop and talk hello. A few of the girls down the street seem friendly, I will stop and say hello, tonight they have the overlord protection of a lot of men hanging around. They are not being difficult, they just are too many men to be saying hello to the friendly girls in the one house down the street. Earlier today, I asked them to point the direction to the Mitchell�s Guesthouse as I was trying out a new path home.

The Guesthouse is empty, however it is in the middle of the city, I am will try to go to some beach called - Anse - or something like that in the guidebook tomorrow, this is suppose to be the best beach in the country I am guessing. Many of the beaches may have some cruise ship persons when there is a ship, however I am not sure how they take them and isolate them, keep them under moneymaking guard. Easycruises.com or something like that was here today.

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